Tuesday, April 19, 2005

body and mind

Last night I had an ol' friend join Carrie and I for supper. Brandon is a fraternity brother. He is a deeply fascinating person. He reads anarchist books, studies chemisty in college, and works a gyro stand on Welch Ave. in Ames, IA. My first year of college is filled with wonderful memories of talking with Brandon. Through many sleepless nights we'd discuss Buddhism, Christianity, movies, college, and the like. One of our favorite pasttimes was re-watching Good Will Hunting or The Matrix. Both movies seemed to resonate with our lives. Though we're both Iowa boys, frat boys, and Iowa State fellas, our paths have been very different. He teaches me things I'd never study if he weren't my friend. I thank God I have Brandon in my life.

Do you have friends that make you think in ways you normally wouldn't?

Also, this morning I hit the basketball court. My body aches, especially my knee. Who would have thought a 24 year old would really be old? I gotta take on the world. See ya

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