Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I've spent a good chunk of my last few weeks studying culture. What's the differences between the folks in their teens, twentys, thirtys, etc. Also, what's the difference between the early 1900s and the present. Oh, my head hurts. Then I realize I have to read 40 pages of systematic theology, write a seminary paper and take a final test all in the next few days. Woops, I better get going. My head hurts . . .

What culture changes have you seen in the last 10 years the last 50 years the last 100 years, 500 years?

Just wondering


Seth Reineke said...

i can't remember 10 year ago, and i wasn't around 50 years ago... :( sorry can't help :P

Erin said...

WEll, from being over in London and studying the history I've noticed how much religion has changed. Our beliefs of what God wants from us and to do and our acutal belief in God has changed. Back a few hundred years ago not to believe in God was a good reason to be hanged or killed. Now a days it's an every day thing. Many things have changed..it really is amazing to realize that. I dunno, that's what I've noticed.

Tim said...

Though I've been around nearly 32 years and can remember back over 25 years, I've only spent the last 11 years or so in America.

One key difference from then until now is how the internet and technology dominate culture. There is less face to face communication. We communicate more often, but we talk less.

I think more of us are also in our own specialized niche. We can orgnize our technology (emails, web pages, cable) to give us the kind of information we want. I think this keeps us farther from one another. We have less in common with each other.

Sin is still sin - it has just taken on new forms. Again - the huge change, though, is in how we relate to one another. We chat online, surf the net, text message, watch TV, and talk on the phone all at once. It's more talking or communicating, but it may actually be less personal - and all that goes along with it.

That's a very simplistic answer. Obviously there is so much more out there. I still am fascinated by the implications of our new mediums of communication - especially if you believe that the medium is the message. Culture fascinates me. I've often thought I should subscribe to cable to understand culture better - but - I think I would just become more hardened to sin and sloth. Anyway.

BJR said...

Hey Matt, great blog, I may start one after graduation.

The more history and philosophy I read, the more I think that people have been the same all through history, in that they have the same motivations and reasons for acting, and typically react to situations in similar ways. What changes is the circumstances people find themselves in, whether it be with more technology, more access to information, more security, etc, which then affects how people decide what the best course of action is.

One interesting thing I recently read was an economic analysis of how economic and technological changes have led to drastic changes the role of women and sex.


I found it interesting at least.