Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday's musings

I started the day with golf. It was fun to have
2 golfers along, one being my wife, who have not
played very much. They both improved throughout
the round. I also spent the day running errands
and working on the house. My wife and I had some
frustrating moments working on our
"soon-to-be-finished" remodeled bathroom.

We are going to have a nice night to ourselves
and maybe hang out with a few friends. But
tomorrow we have a full day.

Questions I am pondering today:

What does it mean to be at peace?
Why does every project take longer than expected?

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Seth Reineke said...

hm... peace... i would have to look that one up :P

The reason projects take longer than expected is this: You expect them to take less time than they really take. lol

Erin said...

to be at peace? HAve this calming sense inside your soul when you know deep down God is there and is taking care of life. Thats me though