Monday, April 18, 2005

a quote about faith

"Faith is more than an intellectualy buffet where we are given permission to try this or that. Faith is a relationship with Jesus complete with all the twists and turns that relationships bring. It's in the tussle of following this Jesus--during the process of getting to know God--that I am surprised, confronted, exposed, challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone. The word for this dynamic interaction with God is growth. Not only does my faith in Christ allow me more space to explore alternative ideas, my faith allows me the space to follow Jesus whereve he goes." Mike Yaconelli in Dave Tomlinson's Post-Evangelical

Questions to consider:

What things are hard for you to believe?
What things have you been told to believe that you want to challenge?
How can faith allow for alternative ideas to be investigated?

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Erin said...

The one idea that I challenge is the thought that a relationship with God is not needed just to be a good person and ask for forgivness when you've messed up..even if you dont mean it. I've always had that given to me as an option growing up and have finally grown up and stopped believing that.