Thursday, April 28, 2005


the student rally was very powerful last night. I rejoice that it is done because it's a wee bit stressful. At the same time I rejoice because I was touched by God and I believe others were too. What does it mean to have a ful life? That was the theme and I was reminded again that I fill my life with some very shallow things at times. Philippians 3:8 in the bible was the theme verse and it was very encouraging to have our speaker help me understand the passage. God is good.

What does it mean to you to have a full life?
What does it mean to have an empty life?
How do we stay committed to the things that fill us appropriately?

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Kristina said...

thanks Matt, for being part of getting last night organized! There were a couple things said that were needed in my life!:) Like when we are sitting in our sin, it's like sitting in our own filth, I've heard it before, (from you too!) but his picture he described will forever stick in my head!