Wednesday, April 27, 2005

uh huh

Tuesday flew by. I had a great time with a friend during breakfast. We chat about life each week, encourage each other, and offer a listening ear. Then, I spent some time gearing up for the big Youth Rally we have tonight in town. It's going to be sweet. 7-9PM at the High School. I met with another friend this morning to practice my Spanish. He's a Mexican . . . a very smart Mexican student who is doing some graduate studies on international scenes, especeically in Latin America. We talk about all kinds of things today: vice taxes, legalizing drugs, homosexual marriage, abortion, and suburbanite teenagers. It was fascinating. I have a day filled with people, my favorite kind of days.

so what do you think on the following subjects?

Vice Taxes? Taxes claimed for schools or other public needs that come from tobacco purchases, gambling, etc.

Legalizing drugs?

Homosexual marriage?


Suburbanite teenagers?

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Anonymous said...

-"Vice taxes" - Sure, go for it.

-Legalizing Drugs - Yes, but only for some. I really don't think there is a possible way to legalize some extremely addictive substances safely. My ban list would include coke, speed, and heroin. Maybe more, but that's all I could think of off the top of my head.

-Homosexual marriage - The Gov't should get out of the business of marrying people entirely. All unions should be civil unions, marriage should be reserved for a church that chooses to bless it. All legal rights/provisions etc. would be determined by civil union status. Would you like it if the gays outlawed heterosexual marriage? What if church attendance was outlawed? Different strokes for different folks. People have to have free will to choose the "Godly ideal" of heterosexual wedlock or they didn't really make a free choice to do the right thing.

-Abortion - Don't want one? Don't get one. Your "developing human" is another person's "emplanted blastocyst", and vice versa. It's a personal decision.

-Suburbanite Teenagers - Sell licences to hunt them. Only with primitive firearms at most. I'm thinking bow and arrow would be a hoot.