Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who really cares what I think?

So, I've been reading web blogs and all kinds of blog sites for a long time now. I thought I should wade into this arena myself. I feel life is one crazy mess that is only sorted out as people dialog together so I hope others feel free to comment on the crazy mess I call "my life" as well as other things that stir your heart.

I am currently thinking through some issues of hypocrisy in my own life right now. I am reading a book called "12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee, like Me" by John Fischer. He has successfully shown my deep desire to judge others and create my own false sense of self-sufficiency.
Does anyone else recognize the Pharisee in them?

Why do we like to be Pharisees when we see it hurts others (and ourselves) so much?

This is one crazy mess . . . that's what I call life.


Anonymous said...

What is a Pharisee?

Seth Reineke said...

hey matt, nice blog :)

Josh Colyer said...


Stephie said...

Awesome blog Matt!

Coopmeister said...

Down, down, down, pharisees going down.