Monday, May 02, 2005


As the new week starts, I am excited for the future. I had a fabulous weekend. Friday I worked with my wife on our home, a project that will never end :) Friday night we traveled to watch a middle school play, starring my wife's little brother. It was hilarious, fun, and delightful. To close off the evening, we watched "The Day After Tomorrow" with the family. It was a thought-provoking movie. An uncle of my wife's is a meterologist and he let us know that it is mostly sensational science (sigh of relief.)

Saturday started with a cold tennis meet. We watched my wife's sister's doubles' match. She kicked butt. Then my wife and I spent the remainder of Saturday resting in the Lord. We took a nap, read to each other, and spent some time in prayer. Very refreshing.

Sunday was a wild ride. Church was great. Sunday school was challenging. We spent time listening to God's Word through an ancient Christian discipline called Lectio Divina. Sunday night was filled with students. Junior high youth group was challenging. These students are really sharp, and together we tried to answer the question, "Why/How did Adam and Eve commit the First Sin?" We closed the night off with a small group gathering of students investigating what the "basics" are of the Christian faith.

My morning today was awesome. I picked up a little devotional yesterday that my wife recommended. It has some sample prayers, reading selections, and scripture passages. I met my Lord this morning. God rocks!

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