Thursday, May 12, 2005

too much

This week has been hard to take in. I have had a hard time trusting God and calling out to Him. It's been a bit overwhelming. On Monday my grandma had an unexpected surgery. She cracked her pelvis 2 weeks ago, but all of a sudden the doctor decided it was time for her to go under the knife. My mom drove (a very fatigued) 3 hours to be at her side. On Monday night, my wife and I continued to labor on our bathroom remodeling project. On Tuesday, a cop friend of mine had a coworker take some bullets in a drug bust. I was relieved that the guy was okay, but frightened to think that that (I love it when you have 2 thats back to back in a sentence) could have been my friend. On that same night, a transient broke into my office to steal my laptop computer and pda. He was arrested for trespassing in a town 40 miles to the west and my stuff was confiscated. It is not in my possession yet, but hopefully soon. I pray that this guy calls out to God. He must feel so lonely, afraid, and hungry for something. Let him see his deep need for God. On Wednesday I prepared a message on power. I realized that I am very much like the first murderer in the bible, Cain. Cain liked to ignore God's voice, let sin fester, and take matters into his own hands. For me and others (I think) power is often believed doing what we want, when we want. This often leads to pain in our lives and in others. I need to listen to God's Word and voice, let Jesus save me from my sin, and call out for the Holy Spirit to take over my life and all my decisions. Then real power is possible. My little sister needs prayer; she goes into surgery tomorrow. Life is hard. The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

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