Tuesday, June 14, 2005

moved by God

I am listening to the song "It is you" right now. The song is all about the Holy God who is my Savior. He died for me so that I could be brought back to Him. He did everything, I deserved nothing. wow!

The last few days have been a powerful time for me spiritually. I started a bible study on revival a couple of weeks ago. I am being personally revived by God's Word and spending time with Him. I was also blessed by a Renewal Weekend at our church. An older pastor (42 years as a preacher) came and taught God's Word. God's Word came alive off the page and convicted me of so much. I am a prideful pig, seeking personal gratification and self-aggrandizement. I pray that the Lord humbles me . . . I understand the danger in praying such a thing. God can humble me . . . but I know if He doesn't my life will be ruined by my pride. I want to seek Him, adore Him, serve Him, and honor Him in all I do. I love Jesus!!

I am excited to teach God's Word tomorrow for high school youth group. I desire to be a vessel in God's hand to bring about conviction, changed lives, and ultimately more faithful Christ-followers. to Him be the glory

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krisannethimum said...

Hey Matt!
I haven't checked my blog lately, but I really think it'd be fun to hang out with you and Carrie! You both seem really great and the church is so lucky to have you. I know it's hard to connect with young couples in Boone, but there are quite a few! Also, if you ever need help with youth group or anything I'd be glad to help. It was such a blessing in my life that I would be happy to give back.