Saturday, August 20, 2005


My parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday. Tonight most of my fam went out to Red Lobster to celebrate. Now I doubt you knew this; if you do, you are like Martha Stewart. But 25th wedding anniversaries require silver gifts and 50th wedding anniversaries require gold gifts. But on the 35th, you're supposed to buy things made of Coral (or Jade if you don't want to destroy tropical water eco systems.) Well, personally I think anything coral is tacky, which is actually a little joke I made tonight at dinner. The funny thing is, my dad long ago bought my mom (her first gift as a ring) a coral ring. I guess it looked good and all, but i just thought it was funny that I randomly said a coral gift would be tacky.

Today my wife and I, and a student friend named Anna, picked the apples off our tree in the backyard. this tiny little tree had like 50-100 good apples. We cut them up to freeze and it took well over an hour to cut up all those apples. It was fun though, and I really enjoyed getting apples without a trip to the grocery store.

Also, this morning I went golfing . . . I played by myself and it was really refreshing.

Last night I had this wedding in a nearby town. It was supposed to be outside in this gorgeous garden. The problem however was that it rained cats and dogs from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after the official wedding start. We waited almost 20 minutes before calling the wedding into a small indoor room. Almost all the guests had to stand, which was a bummer. But the room was beautiful. It was a little biodome tropical room with a pretty waterfall as the backdrop. They had a harpist do the music and the bride and groom looked great. If it hadn't stopped raining outside just before we started inside, I think everything would have been fine. But the bride didn't think it was too cool that it stopped raining right when we had started inside. We shortened things up a bit since all the guests were standing, but overall it went off great.

I also hung out with old fraternity brothers and college friends last night. One of my close buds is working in Florida. He, his wife, and some other folks are starting a church and a ministry to reach teh toughest part of Jacksonville. It was great to connect with them and the other pals from college. (I want to throw out a "hey Kyle" to the host of that party . . . he reads this blog now and again.) When Kyle sends me a digital pic of our party, I'll post it on the blog so you can see all my good looking friends.

Well, it's late (8:45PM and I'm old) and I have to preach tomorrow at church so I better get off. Maybe there's some Law and Order on TV tonight? We'll see.

God bless all!

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KP said...

hey Matt... thanks for the mention in the blog! Friday night wouldn't have been the same without you and your wife! I know the Jacksonville crew appreciated it!