Monday, August 29, 2005

good times had by all

This weekend I went with 9 other folks to the AMANA colonies. We enjoyed some fascinating sites and good food. The Amana colonies in eastern Iowa were started in 1855 (I think that's right) by a unique German community. They believed a certain Christian mysticism and ephasized community living. Not like a 70s commune, but more like the community found in scripture. They share all their possessions, ate community meals 3 times a day, and shared life together. They lived this way until the 1930s or 50s.

The team of folks I went with are a group of adults who have labored in the student ministry of our church. They are a great team and we had some amazing fellowship. God really blessed our weekend.

On Sunday we kicked off our junior high ministry for the new school year. We had a very good-looking bunch of kids and we had some good times. I really pray that each of those students makes a commitment to grow in their faith this year. I know God can do amazing things in the lives of willing people. After youth group, I went on a little job with one of our 7th grade boys who starts cross country this year. He is a godly young man with tons and tons of potential.

well, that's my weekend . . . tell me about yours.

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Adam R. said...

My Weekend... I helped with Jr. High youth group. ;-)