Monday, August 08, 2005

hot summer days

Here's a picture of the team of folks I went on a missions trip with in June. It was an awesome trip; I love them all. It kind of looks like I have to go to the bathroom in the picture.

I just spent a couple hours cleaning up my office. I filed away important documents, threw away lots of junk, and got the whole place all organized. it feels good to get things in the right place and to clean this up a bit. With all the trips and other summer events, my office had gotten quite crazy.

This past weekend I got to marry off a good friend. The wedding was beautiful, and the weekend was fun. I really enjoyed giving the wedding message to this amazing couple. I pray God's blessings on them for years to come.

Here's a bit of their story that I shared during thier wedding

"Eric and Kara . . . congratulations . . . today is a great day. It’s your celebration. God has brought you two together intentionally. He has spent years fashioning you both so that today the two of you could become one. Kara when you were just a young girl, you prayed that Jesus Christ would be Lord of your life. Eric, it was during your high school years that you gave your life to God. And today, God’s love is evident in both of your lives. Then, it was no accident that you began dating on May 20, 1998. God knew that it would happen for all eternity. He also knew that just a few months later, you two would kiss for the very first time under the romantic setting of Glen and Wanda Cowan’s garage roof. God knew that Eric would express the words, “I love you” by the end of the summer of 1998. And God also knew that you, Eric, would have to sweat out 2 very longs weeks before Kara expressed a similar “I love you too.” God knew that you would go to 3 proms and 2 homecomings . . . even though Eric was long out of high school for 2 of those proms. God knew you would celebrate (maybe a record breaking) 7 years of dating anniversaries. God knew it would take Eric nearly 6.5 years to visit Glen to ask for Kara’s hand in marriage, but God, also, knew that Glen would thoroughly take his time giving ERIC a proper understanding and explanation of the importance of marriage, but an affirmative decision eventually came, and all in all, it seems to have turned out for the best. Your engagement was on election night November 2, 2004, the same night, as I quote Eric, “My man Bush won.” Eric gave the best pre-dinner prayer of his life . . . and God answered his closing request that said, “And I pray that she says yes.” To which when Kara opened her eyes, Eric was on his knee asking for her hand in marriage. The engagement was a mere 9 months in comparison to 7 years of dating. And now we are all here today . . . very happy for the two of you."

God is good.

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