Monday, August 22, 2005


Yesterday I got to preach at church. It’s usually a fun experience. Since I’m young, no matter how bad I do, the people like to give me compliments. It was my third or fourth time preaching . . . it is definitely something you get “better” at over time, not that God doesn’t use the worst sermons to touch people’s lives, but there are people who can communicate better than others for sure. I preached on a passage in Luke about 3 people who said they wanted to follow Jesus but really had areas they thought they could hold back on.
One of the points in my sermon had an interesting quote in it. I have provided that at the bottom of this submission. I have a lot to do so I better get running.

By Bob Deffinaugh,
“I am convinced that one of the sacred cows of our Christian culture at this time is “the family.” Working hard to “get rich” is perhaps unacceptable, but working hard “to provide for one’s family” becomes a virtue for which one is praised. Self-indulgence may be considered a vice, but if I give my family a “much needed vacation” or I buy a “place on the lake” or a “condo in Colorado” so that I can spend “quality time with my family” I am a Christian hero, upheld by many as a model for others to imitate.

Please do not get me wrong. The family is a wonderful institution. God created the family, and it is a great blessing. We are to provide for our families. And we are living in a culture which is destructive to the family. Often it is because the family is under attack in our culture that we have sometimes overreacted, making the family the number one priority, and in so doing, we have made it a sacred cow.”

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