Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tuesday's musings

The weekend flew by . . .

My wife and I are almost finished with the remodeling of our bathroom. It's only taken like 8 months. We just put in the shelves to our bathroom closet this weekend and touched up some paint that had needed it for almost 3 months. We also worked on a built in cabinet that's in our living room. We are pealing off all the paint with the intention of just staining the original wood (our house was built in 1914.) It takes a long time to strip all the layers of paint, grime, and stain.

Sunday was fun. We connected with some friends after church. I played this game Quiddler and took dead last. It's a fun game like Scrabble sort a. Then I worked all afternoon. We capped off Sunday with 9 holes of golf on the most beautiful night of the summer. There were several deer roaming the course that night and it was beautiful.

Monday was unique. 5 students, my wife and I ran a booth at the Iowa State Fair. We were passing out literature about our denomination the Evangelical Free Church of America. We pretty much sat there and people-watched all day. But we took in the fair later. We saw a 1000 pound boar, a 300o pound bull, and lots of food on a stick (don't ask if you're not from Iowa.)

All in all, the days are full and life is good. I am running off to a day long meeting now.

Question of the day?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

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