Thursday, August 18, 2005

Zimbabwe Update

Hello from sunny Boone, IA! We wanted to give you a quick update on our lives and share an opportunity for you to support us this fall with your prayers and your gifts.

We have been in Boone for nearly 2 years serving the First Evangelical Free Church student ministry. As the pastor of student ministries at the church, Matt has been coordinating, planning, and implementing all the trips, weekly events, and curriculum for the 7th-12th grade students. Just this summer, we took students back to South Dakota for a week long mission’s trip to the Rosebud Native American Reservation (the 2nd poorest area in the nation). Three weeks later, we took six students to a regional student training conference called Students Equipped to Minister to Peers. We also took 19 junior high students to Kansas City for a little fun and fellowship at the beginning of August.

Carrie is working part time for Serve Our Youth (“SOY”). SOY is an organization that finds and trains mentors for high risk youth. Carrie has been doing some grant writing and mentor recruiting with SOY since May 2005.

This fall we have been invited to assist two dear friends in their missionary work in Africa. They have been lifelong missionaries for a Christian organization called the Navigators. This couple has shared Christ and served people in various cities in the United States, Kenya, Lithuania, and for the last two years in Zimbabwe, Africa. They are also the founders of a humanitarian organization called Life to Life Africa. Life to Life Africa supports schools and orphanages, provides school dues for children in poverty, and offers other relief as needs arise among the African people.

We have been invited to Zimbabwe September 26-October 10 to join them in their ministry in the capital city of Harare. In Harare, we will share about our faith and hope in Jesus Christ to college students at the University of Harare. We will observe the work of Life to Life Africa with the hope of gathering information to share the great need of Zimbabwe back in the United States. We hope to bring home a little bit of Africa to help the students back in Boone gain a better perspective of the people of the world and their needs.

On the trip we hope to build solid relationships with Zimbabwean students. During the first 2 weeks of our trip, we will play sports, games, and share stories within the open Zimbabwean culture. We hope to invite several students to a Navigator college conference that will be held Oct. 7-9. We will help coordinate and teach at this conference, probably giving seminars on various aspects of Christian living and discipleship. At the conference we hope to connect the students to Navigator staff and other laborers.

Most importantly, we want to ask for your prayers for this trip. We believe that this trip will be absolutely worthless without God’s blessing, guidance, and care. Will you please pray with us?

If you would like a more detailed prayer list than what is provided in this letter, please contact us by email. We can provide you with a list before we leave, and may even be able to contact you while we are in Harare.

Much love,
Matt and Carrie

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T.J. said...

This should be an awesome experience for both of you. I'm looking forward to hearing what God will do.

God bless!