Thursday, September 22, 2005

Africa here I come

I leave on Monday for Zimbabwe, AFrica. See previous posts for more details. My wife and I are excited to go serve this struggling country. We plan to offer spiritual and physical hope to these people, and to hopefully return to the States with ideas on how to encourage the Western world to embrace the Zimbabwean people.

The picture is a crew of about 50 students who gathered at the the Boone, Iowa High School to pray for their country, school, and people's needs. It was an encouraging event that was recreated at thousands of schools all across the country on September 21, 2005 for an event called See you at the Pole.

Pray for my wife and I that we can really offer God's blessing to these people. Check out the Operation World website if you want to read up on Zimbabwe (or any other country's) facts.

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