Monday, July 25, 2005

courageous yet timid

Today marks the beginning of another summer week. I have had a great summer. Just last week I traveled with my wife and 6 high school students to Wheaton, IL. We attended a conference that focused on ministering to the needs of our friends. We were challenged to grow in our love for Jesus Christ and to overflow with His love to those closest to us. Helping others see Jesus is a great privilege that every Christian holds.

We went into Chicago's downtown one day via the train. We visited the Institute of Art, which is one of my favorite sites in all of America. The work they have by Van Gogh is amazing. My eyes and heart are captured by those paintings.

I hope to recover a bit this week before I take 20 junior highers to Kansas City next week for 2 days at amusement parks.

My wife and I need to connect . . . these trips take a lot out of ya.

Friday, July 15, 2005

it's hot out there

Iowa in the summer is a beautiful thing. I woke up this morning to have breakfast with a friend. It was already pushing 80 degrees with 98 percent humidity. I went golfing after breakfast and nearly died of heat stroke . . . well worth it though.

The rest of the day has been busy. My wife and I and some students we work with are going on a trip to Chicago tomorrow. We spend the whole week with 5000 other students from around the country. We learn more about God, invest in our spiritual walks, and learn how to help our friends back home see Jesus a little better. It should be a great week.

I've had a great summer so far. I've seen some great friends and visited tons of family. I am so blessed to have great relatives in my family and through my wife's family. It's such a blessing. We visited my wife's family last week and had a blast mini golfing, playing games, eating and just talking up a storm. Then we went to a very cool wedding and then during this week we had some neat times with good friends.

I hope everyone who is reading this can praise God with me for all His good gifts . . . the greatest being Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

family adventures

Whew . . . what a great weekend. I got to visit my 80 year old grandma this past weekend. Our family celebrated her birthday (a few months late) with relatives from all over the states. I got to see cousins I haven't seen in years. About 75 people in my grandma's town came to honor her 80 years too. It was a very speical time for stories and celebration. God is so good to give me such a caring and amazing family.

Our church also had a fabulous 4th of July Celebration Monday night. We had lots of fun, and a great time to honor those American fathers and mothers who have given us such a great country.