Sunday, January 22, 2006

An interesting article

Some very solid reasoning for why believing in the Trinity is a very important Christian belief.

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Mike Exum said...


I went to the suggested website, but nothing came up for me. Sorry. I was interested. I'll try again.

I found you through a profile search. You and I both have Few Good Men listed under movies we like and N. T. Wright as books we read. I am a major Wright enthusiast. Always looking for others who are reading his work.

Also, I recently read a very powerful little book by a couple of his former students called COLOSSIANS REMIXED: SUBVERTING THE EMPIRE. (I'm always looking for feedback on that too.)

Mostly I am interested in Jesus, Kingdom of God and Bible stuff. Your blog provides that. Anyway, glad to see Jesus honored on the blogs.

Many blessings...