Sunday, January 15, 2006

a new year

2006 has started out great.

I really was blessed by a wedding that I attended yesterday. A buddy of mine got married to a girl he's loved for a long time. (way to go Nate!) He dated her for about a year or more 5 years ago, and then they broke up for 3 very long years. In that time both of them came to follow Jesus in a new way and really got connected with people who were also following Jesus. Their second go at "it" was a hit and now they are married. God is good.

I also particpated in a conference last weekend (Jan. 6-8) with over 1000 students and leaders from across the region. This IMPACT conference will hopefully alter the lives of some students for God for a long time to come.

How's the New Year for you? Any resolutions? Any resolutions already broken :) ?

Thanks for reading!

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