Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my friend David

Have you ever had a friend that you liked, but you weren't sure why? Has there ever been someone who just bothered you, but at the same time, you loved that person to death?

That's my friend David. We started hanging out the summer before 7th grade. He had me over one night and we played the game Crossfire (remember that one?). Later he asked me if I was a Christian. I had never had anyone ask me such a personal question, but I had given my life to Jesus, just a year before, so I just said yeah. It was the beginning of a weird, but very meaningful friendship. In the 7th grade, during Mrs. Kimball's art class, there was an announcement for some organization called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. David was in my class and he turned around and told me that since I was a Christian and an athlete, I had to go. So I went. I spent 6 wonderful years involved in the F.C.A. with my friend Dave.

David has known (and is one today) since he was like 7 years old that he was going to be a pastor. He has always been one of those guys who practiced what he preached. He is a man of intregrity and grace. He loves Jesus and has always been a very willing to tell others about their need for Jesus too. For many high school years I listened to Dave preach at our friends (I guess he was practicing for the ministry or something). Sometimes he would turn to me in mid-stride and say, "Hey Matt, why don't you tell these guys about Jesus!" He made me uncorfortable, he challenged me, and he inspired me. It was bothersome, but also some of the greatest discipleship I have ever received. Thank you Dave.

We continue to be friends. We still disagree on a lot and make one another feel uncomfortable. Theologically, we disagree on some big points. He's a Wesleyan and I like Calvin. If you know anything about theology, we make a pretty pair. We do ministry differently. We act differently. But something has always united us . . . hmm . . . I don't really know what to call it, or if it really has a name. It's definitely one of God's graces, and something very special, but it's just some weird bond. He is my brother in Christ, and I think he's amazing. I love you Dave. (Trish you are lucky wife; Dave you've got a great bride)

May God bless you and use you for many years to come.

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