Monday, February 27, 2006

weekend fun

Thursday and Friday I went to Minneapolis, MN. I enjoyed some good food, a very fantastic 3-man act called "Triple Espresso" (my second time), and the company of friends. It was a youth pastors and wives retreat that a bunch of youth pastors from the Central District of the EFCA celebrate each year. It's not always in MN, but it's always a refreshing break from the normalcy of life. Saturday was tax day!! We went down to Ankeny to have a guy do our taxes (for free!!). He's great and loves to serve pastors and others in ministry. Saturday night we went and watched the Boone High School production of the "Jungle Book". It was hilarious, well-done, and one of the best plays I've seen so far at Boone High. Congrats to several students attached to our ministry (Katie, Ash, Heather, Caitlin, Aaron, and many others). Sunday was a very encouraging day. We were able to celebrate a decision for Christ from one of our junior high students, we were fed a great dinner by our visitation pastor and wife (very godly and experienced couple), and then I wrapped up the night with good conversation and a great hair cut from my lovely wife. I preach next Sunday in big church so I get to sermonize this week :) Also, I am driving to South Dakota with a small team Thursday to make plans for our summer missions trip. Pray that God would reveal what the best ministry route will be this year. We are going back to the Rosebud/Pineridge Sioux Indian Reservation for our 3rd year, and it's exciting to see God open new doors of ministry everytime we go back.

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Tim said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our ride up together in the van - and the time together there. You are always a joy to talk to - and you encourage me and make me think. Thanks for sharing your heart and your mind - and for holding my hand at the Mall of America.

You rock!!!