Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Mexican

So, many of you already know, but Carrie and I have a Mexian living with us. No he's not illegal and no he did not get here in a white van. We met Joel and his wife Chela when Carrie was finishing her degree at Iowa State. Now Joel is finishing his Master's (yes, very smart dude) at Iowa State, but Chela has taken a job in Chicago. Joel lives in Chicago most of the week, but comes and crashes at our place some weeks for a few days. He helps me with my Spanish (necesito practicar mas) and we just enjoy life together. El es un amigo bueno.

Here's a piture of Joel from last night, eating one of Carrie's delicious muffins.

YMCA People are Awesome

Two of my wife and my new pals are BJ and Steph. They are awesome! They love Jesus, are way smart, and challenge me as a person.

They both work for the YMCA, and if you are interested in working at a Y-camp, BJ is the guy to talk to.

Congrats on your new place!! They just moved into a new place a couple of weeks ago. Pray for them as they serve the Lord.

Boone County Pork Queen

Go pork! One of our students was crowned Pork Queen this week. She presented an excellent speech and smiled real pretty. Caitlin you are one special lady. I have loved the past 3 years with you. I have watched you grow into a lady of wisdom, concern, and strength. I am very proud of you!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Read this article!

Here is a great article that every political and/or evangelical minded person should read - link

This is a humbling reminder that we need to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NCAA - March Madness

I joined two NCAA brackets this morning. All for fun; I did each bracket in like 2 minutes. If you want to join either bracket, come on in.

The first with a bunch of crazy youth pastors from the Central District:

Our Group password is: henderson

The second with ol' college pals:

Our Group password is: llama2000

Thursday, March 09, 2006


She's a hardworker, a funny lady, a great mom, a loving Christ-follower, and she does it all in German too. This is our church secretary. She's amazing. She puts so much effort into her ministry position and she serves this church so well. I love having her on our team. She was born in Germany and came to the US after she married her American Army husband. Her daughter Cindy is in our ministry and she's a delight too. I am so thankful for all the amazing people God has put in this church . . . from all parts of the globe.

dear anna

anna gets ready to go in for surgery
One of the nicest gals in our youth ministry has been a long-time sufferer of tonsillitis. Finally today, she got them removed. I went to visit her this morning at 7:30AM at the Boone County Hospital. She's a tough chica. Anna does not like needles very much and she took her shots and IV like a trooper. She'll have a few days of a sore throat, but the doc says it won't be any worse than the pain she's experienced with her tonsillitis. Pray a few prayers for her. By the way I thought it was pretty sweet that the Boone Hospitial nurse gave Anna that cute purple stuffed animal!

Last night's gathering

this crew is awesome

Aren't these guys good looking?

By the way you can check out my message from last night by going to this link. I was blessed by the sweet prayer time together last night. Thank you.

By the way, say a prayer for Anna M., she's recovery from surgery right now (had her tonsils removed).

High School Gathering

Here's a pic of the worship team who labors each week to bring their fellow students before the Lord in singing worship. A special thanks to the sound guys in the back who are often missed! You guys do a great job!

Last night we had our weekly gathering of high school students. Our group is made up mostly of Boone High School students with a few students who are being educated at home. It's neat to be a part of a body of Christ-followers who choose to use their gifts to build up and encourage one another!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tony Jones in Iowa

<--tony teaching in action

I had the special privilege of listening to the Emergent-US spokesperson Tony Jones today. He was funny, provocative, and definitely sharp. I was in a room with about 50ish youth pastors, volunteer leaders, and a few innocent bystanders. I was offended at times, agreed, disagreed, and confused on others. Someday I'll blog about my thoughts on his presentation, but for now I am just offering a recap. I did enjoy the conversation at least to get my theological mind brewing.

He did a nice job of explaining the development of postmodernism within western philosophy. He quoted others with, "The Enlightenment died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz." Hinting that the Enlightenment's goals of everyone getting along and all differences being put aside and the ultimate growth of humanity (eugenics and other things implied) to something "god-like" wasn't so successful. It gave rise to the Supermen (that Nietzsche prophesied), say Adolph Hitler and Stalin. Modernity's collapse led to cynicism, despair, and eventually a new philosophy, aptly called postmodernism. Postmodernism argues that there is no truth with a capital T. Saying "absolute" truth does not make something more true . . . it's a useless qualifier (adjective) to describe truth. Either something is true or it is not. There are no "more true" ideas than others. In other words everything is questionable in postmodernism, even those things most sacred to us. Tony shared that the Emergent Church is trying to help people follow Jesus in this radically pluralistic postmodern world. Some big things that the Emergent church stress are dynamic community and the mystery of God.

Throughout his whole message, he was very humble and expressed a deep passion to know God. He did, however, venture away from the conservative evangelical theology that represented the majority of the room. Tony said he believes the Holy Spirit represents the feminine person of the Trinity, calling the Holy Spirit "she". He explained that the 2 words translated from Greek and Hebrew are not masculine nouns, thus we should not attempt to assign masculinity to this person of the godhead. The Hebrew word "ruach" is a feminine word and the Greek word for spirit, pneuma, is neuter. (His statments on the Holy Spirit made me feel quite uncomfortable, but they will challenge me to read God's Word and find out more) He also said the penal substitionary atonement of Christ is a narrow way of understanding the work of the cross. He, also, believes the inerrancy of scripture is a manmade contruct, unnecessary, and ultimately harmful to the power of the Word. He argues the inerrancy is a standard the bible does not hold itself to at all.

fun Sunday night

Last night after our church's congregational meeting we were blessed by the minstry of John and Carolyn Hibbard. John served as the interim pastor about 4 years ago at the church I attend. Carolyn has magic fingers that make the piano hum with beautiful music. It was a special night for our whole church family. Thanks John and Carolyn. By the way our junior high youth ministry quadrupled its normal girl numbers last night. We went from our 1 girl to 4 girls. I should write a book on youth ministry with that kind of results :) God is good . . . praise Him.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a few pics from my house

the cabinet

A couple of pics - my favorite wall (pictures of me and my honey :))

The second is the built in cabinet my wife and I refinished in our home. It took way too long, but it looks good. The main reason these pictures exist is because I was practicing with me new digital camera. I love it :)

the wall

Preaching on giving

<--First Service

I was able to preach today on the discipline of giving. You are more than willing to read my sermon (click here). God has taken my wife and me on a wild ride over the years. He has protected us, blessed us, and moved our hearts to give generously. I am a selfish bum, so it's cool to see God in my life.

I took pictures of both services with my new digital camera. I was a little nervous which explains the grainy second service picture (shaking hands). I think the folks thought I was nuts taking their picture, but it was fun for me. Especially because I asked them to wave. In the fifth row on the left side of the aisle you can see my wife on the far right and my parents just inside her. Also my pals BJ and Steph are 4 rows back on the right side looking like a little isalnd in the middle of pews.

The site on my "favorite links" about generous giving is worth a look if you dare to let God's Word speak to your heart on money, possessions, and eternity.

Second Service -->

Thank you for all the kind compliments. I give all glory to God!

By the way, I had a fabulous dinner on Saturday night with my family. Also, it was great fun to hang out with friends on Friday night. We played Rook (AKA Baptist Poker) till the wee horus of the night. It's a great card game.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Wanblee, South Dakota

Whew, I'm tired, and I got up at 12PM :)

Yesterday, my wife, my senior pastor, 2 men from our church, and I drove to South Dakota. We left the church parking lot at 5AM and began our trek to South Central SD. The main purpose of our trip was to investigate our summer missions trip. We are planning to help renovate a children's home, feeding program facility, and also have a weeklong Vacation-Bible-School-Like Kid's Club. We will take a team of adults and students from our church for a bit over a week in June. Yesterday, we were able to spend a few hours in Wanblee, praying, scheming, and enjoying the work that God has made available for us on this small town just outside the Rosebud Indian Reservation, and just inside the Pineridge Indian Reservation. Pray for the two SD laborers (Gus and Terri) who are working the hardest on this project. They dream of a place where orphans can experience true love and hope. Wanblee is a tough spot, like many on reservation land. Pineridge is the poorest area in the U.S. Would you pray for these Lakota Sioux people?

We left SD at 7:30PM and arrived back in Boone at 2:45AM. Now that's a long day.