Thursday, March 09, 2006

dear anna

anna gets ready to go in for surgery
One of the nicest gals in our youth ministry has been a long-time sufferer of tonsillitis. Finally today, she got them removed. I went to visit her this morning at 7:30AM at the Boone County Hospital. She's a tough chica. Anna does not like needles very much and she took her shots and IV like a trooper. She'll have a few days of a sore throat, but the doc says it won't be any worse than the pain she's experienced with her tonsillitis. Pray a few prayers for her. By the way I thought it was pretty sweet that the Boone Hospitial nurse gave Anna that cute purple stuffed animal!

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Tim said...

Assuming this is the Anna I know (from Rosebud) - wish her well for me. I'm glad to see she's still a part of youth group. Take care, Anna!