Sunday, March 05, 2006

Preaching on giving

<--First Service

I was able to preach today on the discipline of giving. You are more than willing to read my sermon (click here). God has taken my wife and me on a wild ride over the years. He has protected us, blessed us, and moved our hearts to give generously. I am a selfish bum, so it's cool to see God in my life.

I took pictures of both services with my new digital camera. I was a little nervous which explains the grainy second service picture (shaking hands). I think the folks thought I was nuts taking their picture, but it was fun for me. Especially because I asked them to wave. In the fifth row on the left side of the aisle you can see my wife on the far right and my parents just inside her. Also my pals BJ and Steph are 4 rows back on the right side looking like a little isalnd in the middle of pews.

The site on my "favorite links" about generous giving is worth a look if you dare to let God's Word speak to your heart on money, possessions, and eternity.

Second Service -->

Thank you for all the kind compliments. I give all glory to God!

By the way, I had a fabulous dinner on Saturday night with my family. Also, it was great fun to hang out with friends on Friday night. We played Rook (AKA Baptist Poker) till the wee horus of the night. It's a great card game.

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Dan said...

You are a funny and creative guy. I love that you took pictures of your congregation from the pulpit! It's a little intimindating just seeing pictures from the pulpit. I can't imagine what it's like preaching from there.