Friday, March 03, 2006

Wanblee, South Dakota

Whew, I'm tired, and I got up at 12PM :)

Yesterday, my wife, my senior pastor, 2 men from our church, and I drove to South Dakota. We left the church parking lot at 5AM and began our trek to South Central SD. The main purpose of our trip was to investigate our summer missions trip. We are planning to help renovate a children's home, feeding program facility, and also have a weeklong Vacation-Bible-School-Like Kid's Club. We will take a team of adults and students from our church for a bit over a week in June. Yesterday, we were able to spend a few hours in Wanblee, praying, scheming, and enjoying the work that God has made available for us on this small town just outside the Rosebud Indian Reservation, and just inside the Pineridge Indian Reservation. Pray for the two SD laborers (Gus and Terri) who are working the hardest on this project. They dream of a place where orphans can experience true love and hope. Wanblee is a tough spot, like many on reservation land. Pineridge is the poorest area in the U.S. Would you pray for these Lakota Sioux people?

We left SD at 7:30PM and arrived back in Boone at 2:45AM. Now that's a long day.

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