Monday, April 03, 2006

good books for thought

I am currently reading the book "The Presbyterian Controversy" which reflects on the end of the 19th Century and up till the 1930s. It looks at some of the key individuals involved in the controversy often labeld the liberal/fundamentalist debates. It is very facinating and offers some very good thoughts for people discussing the Emergent Church and for me in particular in teh discussion of a possible revision of my denomination's statement of faith.
I just finished the book called "Understaning Fundamentalism and Evangangelicalism" that focuses on the same time period from a few different angles. I think anyone talking about changing (for or against) the theological or missional statements of contemporary Christianity should read these church history books. We can learn a lot from the road that has already been traveled by our forefathers. The next church history book I will read is called "Reforming Fundamentalism," if anyone is interested.

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