Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Children's Message for Maunday Thursday - Bittersweet

Tonight we are celebrating the Last Supper and the commandment Jesus gave us to remember His life, death and resurrection through the communion meal.  I am hoping in the next 5 minutes we could look at a few aspects of that special meal Jesus had 2000 years ago.


The meal Jesus was having with his disciples was a very bitter-sweet time.  Bitter-sweet is a phrase we use for things that are very special but also very hard.  Usually the last day of school is bittersweet.  Everyone is excited to start summer vacation so that is very sweet but it’s also a little sad, or bitter, that you will not see many of your friends until the new school year.


Bittersweet also has to with certain kinds of food.  Tonight I brought something very bittersweet, dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate has a very strong taste.  This is a different kind of chocolate than what is usually put on candy bars.  Dark chocolate is very sweet, but it also makes your face pucker up because it also is very bitter.


Jesus “last supper” with his friends was bittersweet for a couple of reasons.


1.      Jesus was celebrating a holiday called Passover – Passover is a special holiday when we remember the time God used Moses to deliver the Hebrew people out of Egypt.  God even gave the Jewish people special instructions on how to remember and celebrate this holiday.  They were to remember two things – 1. the horrible slavery their ancestors experienced 2. And the amazing salvation God brought them.  These 2 memories made it a very bitter-sweet meal.

2.      The second reason this meal was bittersweet was because of the things Jesus told his disciples.  The first being that this was going to be his last night with them before he would be handed over and killed on the cross.  This was a very sad and bitter thing that Jesus had to share with his disciples.  The second thing he shared with them was that one day He would eat with them again in heaven.  This was a very sweet thing to share.


So tonight as we celebrate the “Last Supper” I hope we can remember that it is a very special meal, yet very bittersweet.  It’s okay to feel sad when we remember the death of Jesus on the cross.  But it’s also important to be happy to know that Jesus died so that he could be with us forever and ever.  Then we will have lots of meals with Jesus.


Jesus told us that every time we take communion together we remember what he has done and that he is coming again.


Would you pray with me?  Dear Jesus thank you for allowing us to remember bittersweet moments in your life.  Thank you for dying for us.  Thank you for the promise that you are coming back again.  Thank you for our church and that we can celebrate this night together.

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