Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this past weekend

I went up to Sumner, Iowa this past weekend to visit my grandma on her 81st birthday March 31.
My wife and I drove up with my sister Heather (the pic of the pretty girl sitting in the car) and we had a great time chatting on the road trip. Visiting Grandma was very hard because I remember her as being so invincible. Now she has aged significantly through several broken bones, TIAs, and a few other health issues. She is still a tough lady, but it's hard to see her so old. I still remember Grandma breaking up fights between her grandchildren, scolding her wild dog into submission, and being the General of all family gatherings. On April 1, part of the family took Grandma out for dinner at her favorite spot, Red Lobster. We took some pics to remember the day. The cute couple is my parents.

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