Monday, May 01, 2006

The Heart

The last few weeks have been very good for me personally, good for my heart! After attending a leadership training 2 weeks ago, I've spent some considerable time praying, diving, and opening up my heart to let God work. Jesus has been guiding me in the Word and through the help of a few human guides as well has really helped me engage my heart. (The leadership retreat was taught by Dan Webster, and I recommend his stuff.)

God has helped me live from my heart more and more each day. I am becoming a little more "real" in my relationship with Him and others. So, when the chairman of our deacon board called this past Friday at 10AM, and told me the senior pastor was in the hospital and asked me to preach . . . I knew in my heart that I should and what should be discussed. Here is my sermon on the heart adn its importance:
This stuff has really been convicting me so this is a message truly from my heart to yours.

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