Saturday, June 24, 2006

lakota journey - Wanblee, South Dakota

Trip Log -

Friday June 16 - 8 students, Carrie and I spent a day working and preparing for the trip in Boone, Iowa. We did several team building activities, including preparing, eating and cleaning up our spaghetti dinner all tied together with rope. We also worked on our skits, music and lessons.

Saturday June 17 - At about 7AM I went into the Emergency Room. I had been feeling bad the previous day and horrible all night (I tossed my cookies). I got some anti-nausea drugs (and a shot in the rear), some antiobiotics, and they sent me off to the 8AM mission's trip departure. I slept nearly every minute of the traveling hours, while the 18 other mission trip members into a nice 8 hour joy ride to South Dakota. We spent some time preparing our hearts and materials for the work that was ahead. We also canvassed the town with fliers inviting kids to come and join us for Kid's Club all week.

Sunday June 18 - (slowly recovering health wise) We had a 10:30AM church service that morning with a few Native Americans and a team of 22 from Emmanuel Bible Church (Chicago area) who were in Wanblee hosting a Vacation Bible School and basketball tournament. They were a group in love with Jesus. We enjoyed worshipping with them. We started working in the afternoon. This included lots of cleaning, the beginning of a bathroom remodeling project, and a lot of jobs lists created. Our first night of Kid's Club was CRAZY. There were over 70 kids there. They didn't listen to a word we said. The students barely survived the lesson time. The craft and snack time was very scary. Who would have thought making a mobile could be so crazy? Our debriefing time revealed some serious reservations and fears, but we committed to loving and serving these kids and this town no matter what. We later found out one of our fellow church's working on the Rosebud Rez in Parmalee were stoned out of town unable to have their Sunday night club (they made it in on day 2).

Monday June 19 - The projects continued, we prayed a lot for Kid's Club, and we trusted in God's provision. Much painting occurred on Monday as well as a new cover for a very dangerous well opening. A food pantry was organized and cleaned. Much cleaning and organzing all throughout the children's home continued. And praise the Lord . . . Kid's Club went awesome. He answered every prayer. Kids listened and learned about Jesus. The craft went well, the snack was a delight, and kids began to understand that we really loved them. There was much rejoicing during the debriefing time.

Tuesday June 20 - On Tuesday our team drove about an hour east to join about 10 other churches at a prayer breakfast. All these teams go out together every summer. Some stay together, others are off on their own. We each host Kid's Clubs at various Native American towns and housing developments and then do a variety of other ministries to bless the people. It was a rich time of prayer and fellowship as we listened to several local ministers share about their ministries. God is good. We worked hard all afternoon and had another fabulous night at Kid's Club. We only had 40 kids that night because of a looming storm. It was nice to have a little better ratio.

Wednesday June 21 - Our second to last day was very similar to the other days. Work in the morning and afternoon. Kid's Club at night. We had to take one of our students to a nearby hospital in the evening because of a serious infection.

Thursday June 22 - On our final day we left about 7AM to visit Mount Rushmore. We also drove threw a part of Needles Highway and Custer Park. It was gorgeous and fun. Carrie got to see her grandparents at Rushmore. That night we had Kid's Club early. It was sad to know it was our last night. Then we hosted a community dinner. About 50 parents or so joined a slew of 100 kids and teenagers. We sang some of the songs with teh kids for the parents, had a student share about her relationship with Jesus, and had our hosting pastor Gus Craven share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He's picture with his wife somewhere in this entry. God showed up big time. We also gave out some food from the pantry to almost every person who came.

Friday June 23 - We headed back east to spend a closing night of debriefing in Sioux City. We stayed at a so-so (at least we know NOW) hotel that I reserved. We ate a huge meal at Famous Dave's. We also had a closing time of sharing, prayer, and debriefing.

Saturday June 24 - Left for home at 8AM and arrived a bit before noon. It was a special week. Praise the Lord. More pictures to come.

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Tim said...

So great to hear about your trip to Wanblee. We feel like we're pretty connected to you guys after the last two years. I'm glad you got to work on such cool stuff over there - especially the orphanage deal. I'm excited for all your adulst that went too. It's my prayer that we'll get a bunch of adults to go with us next year. I look forward to talking to you in person and really hearing more details. Are you heading back at Christmas time-ish? We hope to head back then if not before. We're also praying about bringing some of the students back here with us. I thank God we stayed at a nice hotel in Sioux Falls on Friday night. Can't wait to see ya.