Sunday, June 11, 2006

more mexico pics

1. Joel and Chela in front of the cathedral in Puebla
2. A fountain oustide the cathedral
3. Joel's parents
4. Chela's parents

So we also visited the city of Puebla. It's a 2-3 million person city with all kinds of amazing architecture and history. It's believed that the cathedral destined for Mexico City actually is built in Puebla because of a mix up of blue prints and shipping. woops! The cathedral in Puebla was amazing!! But a little spooky for this red-blooded protestant.

We also saw an ancient temple, the largest in Latin America. Right on top the conquestors has built a Catholic church. The syncretism of religion was facinating.

Carrie and I had great flights, and we even got to visit Carrie's uncle on the way back. He and his family graciously let us sleep one night before driving back to Boone.

The best part of the trip was meeting the families of Joel and Chela. They were so so kind and caring. They were very hospitable and they loved us deeply.

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