Sunday, June 11, 2006

A week in Mexico

<--I think that's the Mexican capitol building for congress and the cathedral is below it
Next - a wedding centerpiece, the one that was on every table! Then some cactus forest pictures

So my wife and I had a wonderful trip to Mexico. We left May 25 and returned June 1. To start this crazy adventure my wife and I drove from Boone, Iowa to Chicago, IL. The silly part was we left Boone around 9:30PM, arriving in a Chicago suburb around 3AM. WE got up a bit after 6AM to head over to the airport. We arrived tired, but well in Mexico around 2PM. We had a driving tour around the city after we ate a restaurant that's like Perkins called Sanborn's. I think an English group of folks own it. It tasted good to me. We saw the captol building, cathedral and a few other buildings that are all around the same huge courtyard.

We stayed with the cousin of one of Chela, one of our hosts. Our hosts were Joel and Chela. On Friday morning Joel and Chela left us to do some of our own sightseeing in downtown Mexico City while they went to the U.S. embassy to come up with a Visa. I guess that's important :)

Next we drove to Joel and Chela's hometown Tehuacan southeast of Mexico City about 3 hours. We had a very nice lunch (3:30PMish) with both sides of the family.

The next day we attended a gorgeous wedding of Chela's cousin. The reception went from 2PM-2AM, with 2 meals, the first being a 5 course meal and the second being served aroudn 10PM. It was very beautiful. Sunday we slept a bit (too much partying the day before). We walked into downtown Tehuacan in the evening. I wasn't very smart when I decided to eat a bunch of jalapenos. They were delicious but my body was mad at me for a few days. I actually ended up getting some medication and spent a few too many hours on the toilet in Mexico. So I think it was Tuesday that we went to this national cactus forest. Very amazing stuff. They say a cactus grows about a centimeter a year and we saw some 15 meters high (that's like 1500 years!) There was one cactus that was like a little bush, that had a strange resemblance to a bean bag. It's non-scientific name was the chair of the mother-in-law. I guess back in the day, the natives would make the mother of a loose daughter sit on that chair to punish her for poor mothering. Ouch!!

More to come in the next blog because i don't understand computers.

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