Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Challenge 2006 continues

It's Wednesday afternoon at 4:45PM.

We have now had 6 sessions of worship, teaching, skits, and prayer with
6000 other students and leaders from all across the country. We have been
inspired to walk and live like Jesus in our everyday worlds and to be
faithful to God's Great Commission. (matthew 28:19-20)

We spend Tuesday afternoon in training sessions on worship and a biblical
worldview. We spent this afternoon doing a very interesting service
project. We thought we were going to go visit with older people at a
nursing home. Instead, we were put on bathroom crew. We were sent to a
business area in Lafayette and went door to door asking permission to
clean their bathrooms. We were able to clean the bathrooms at Target, a
Rental store, Golden Corral, a CVS Pharmacy, and 5 bathrooms at a medical
clinic. Only a few places turned down our free services. It was fun to
be serving like Jesus. he washed the feet of his disciples, we washed the
toilets of those we hope will come to a saving faith in Christ Jesus.

The students are having lots of fun with each other. We are all enjoying
the beautiful campus, dining facilities and conference hall of Purdue
University. The weather has been heavenly so the boys are not suffering
that much in their non-air conditioned rooms.

Please pray for us. We have 3 sessions remaining. thursday afternoon we
will rest and do some site seeing. Friday morning we head home. Students
are still holding back in a few areas of their lives . . . others are
really recognizing the life-altering call of Jesus. Our very first
speaker spoke on the fact that when Jesus comes into our lives, He messes
us up. We are never the same and he keeps on doing a makeover of our
lives until we die if only we let Him. God is good! All the time!

Here are those in need of your prayers: Charlie Babbitt, Caitlin
Gustafson, TJ Gehman, Mark, Carol and Andy Doss, Mike Rand, Tasha Gustin,
Ash Runge, Seth Hansen, Katie Terrell, Sarah Gehman, Jess Helphrey, and
Matt and Carrie Proctor.

Our speaker tonight is Mark Cahill. Tomorrow morning Mark Matlock.
Thursday evening Francis Chan. Our worship leader is Chris Tomlin and the
drama team is called Theatre for the Thirsty. Please pray God's special
anointing on these servants of God.

Blessed be the Name above All Names!

In Jesus,

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