Saturday, July 29, 2006

Grandma MaryAnn

Here is a picture of my grandma celebrating her 80th birthday just one year ago with her two baby girls, my mom on the left and my aunt on the right. The date on the picture is wrong; it was early July.

I talked to my mom this morning for like the 10th time this week. She called again about Grandma. They pulled out her feeding tube yesterday and will take her off fluids on Sunday. She should be going to Jesus real soon. Her faith will be a reality in just a few more days. I am driving to see her tomorrow, probably for the last time. Sadness does not describe my heart enough. After several TIAs and one more serious stroke 2 weeks ago, her body is shutting down. Her physical body is passing . . . but soon she will see Jesus just as He is. I am glad Grandma's body and mind will be restored on that day of her passing, but her absence on this earth will be a void in my life.

I love Grandma MaryAnn. She's the toughest person in the world. She went through WW2 with my grandpa fighting overseas. She followed her new husband after the war to a new job and farming operation in Sumner, Iowa. She experienced riches in marriage and the power of loss in the 80s farming crisis. She watched my grandfather suffer and die in the mid 1980s. She gave her heart, time and possessions to her family and friends for many many years afterward. She retired Jan. 1, 1999 around the age of 75. She moved out of her home of 40+ years last year and moved into a nearby nursing home. She wanted to keep up her normal social schedule, but has slowly deteriorated over the last several months. I saw her two weeks ago, just a shell of the great woman I know her to be. I was glad I came to see her, but it definitely wasn't easy. I read her Psalm 84 reminding her of King David's desire to be in the presence of the Lord over the tents of the wicked. She's been longing for heaven for a long time. She's always been a pillar of faith for our whole family and prayed desperately for her grandchildren.

Pray for me, my family and my grandma. We appreciate your warm support in this time of need.

I love you all.


Tim said...

Thanks for sharing your life on here. You're in our hearts here. We love you.

Tim and Lori

Shane Vander Hart said...

Matt & Carrie - I am praying for you, and SOY's prayer partners are praying for you. Matt, I'm sorry for your loss.