Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ode to My 5th Street Neighbors

So Carrie and I have had the privilege of getting to know our neighbors for about 6 months. We've ate a lot of food together, gone on some walks with their dogs, and chatted about much of life. It's been a good time. We appreciate them very much and look forward to many more meals and conversations.

They are having a big wedding celebration in September so throw up a few prayers for them. Those things are not fun to plan and then you have to deal with family on top of that.

And now my poem writing abilities:

"Ode to My 5th Street Neighbors"

Tino and Morgan are quite a pair
They are friends who always share
They have 2 pups of beauty bright
Time with them is such a delight

They come from the West and Newton
We like them a whole ton
This poem lacks much skill
But Tino and Morgan love us still

These two rock!


Anonymous said...

Matt, stick to prose! Sharon

Tim said...

I wish I had neighbors. I do have some, but right next to me, one (and she has never been outside of her house since we moved in over 4 years ago - at least not to our knowledge). I'm jealous.