Wednesday, August 23, 2006

baptisms are cool

Baptism is the Christian rite of passage that Jesus commanded all his followers to obey in Matthew 28:19-20. When a person recognizes their sin and commits to following their risen savior Jesus Christ, an amazing spiritual change takes place (2 Cor. 5:17). We enter into a new spiritual relationship and covenant with the Living God. In the Old Testament God entered into a physical covenant with the people of Israel. They would be his special and chosen people on the earth. To mark this physical covenant, the Israelist performed the physical rite of circumcision. In our new spiritual covenant, no physical rite is sufficient. Baptism does not save a human from hell, it is only a response to the new spiritual reality that occurred at the moment of conversion. Baptism is a picture of us dying with Christ (going under the water) and being raised again.

Two students were baptised on August 6th. I really loved the service!!

I am so proud of the faith that is lived out by Drew and Chuck.

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