Monday, August 28, 2006

Intro to Bill Kynes Primer on Hermeneutics

Bill Kynes is a Evangelical Free Church pastor who is addressing postmodernism and the reading of scripture. His first chapter is provided for our perusal on the Inter-VArsity press website found here

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Tim said...

I'm not smart enough to grasp all this. His summary of pre, modern, and post seem on track. I'd have to read more and think much harder to grasp what he is saying.

Personally, I wonder how long this post-modern period will last. It's very bankrupt and I'm not sure it will satisfy for long. It's impractical and unusable for much of life (call me simplistic).

By the way, one of my good old buddies from camp, who has really struggled with faith in God, has been part of 2 different emergent churches (Beggar's Table in KC, and somewhere in Denver).

I'm not smart enough.