Thursday, August 31, 2006

N.T.Wright - interesting fellow

Some of you know that I find N.T. Wright to be a facinating, yet extremely academic writer. I read and reread his stuff and am just beginning to get some of it. He has been very useful in helping me understand some Jewish culture at the time of Christ and his early followers.

If you read my friend Dan's Blog, you will read that in due time John Piper will be publising a book attacking some of N.T. Wright's views - read blog entry here. Piper believes N.T. Wright has unorthodox views in regards to justification and imputation, two Reformed doctrines Piper (and I) treasure deeply.

I have been reading various articles lately to catch up on those who stand against N.T. Wright's ideas. If you want to read up on these articles, you can visit them below -

"Justification by Faith is the Answer: What is the Question?" by Stephen Westerholm* - probably one of the easisest reads and best articulated

"N.T. Wright on Justification" by Charles Hill

"The Attractions of the New Perspective(s) on Paul" - Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc.

Understanding Imputation - an mp3 messsage

"Reformed Confessionalims and the New Perspective on Paul" by Kim Riddlebarger


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Tim said...

Matt - you hurt my head. I read the Alliance of Confessing Evangelical's article on the New Perspective on Paul. Very good article. It helped me clarify things (not that I doubted, but just understanding the NPP and "my side" better). N. T. Wright has added much good to evangelial theology, but he seems dangerous. And young "theologians" love "new ideas". Thanks Matt.