Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures of our group at Surge 2006

Our kids played lots of card games. Mostly Egyptian Rat Screw, Kings in the corner and Combs (like spoons but with combs). When I fell asleep, I think they even slipped in some games of Texas Hold'em. They also helped me construct a cross with 2 sticks and electrical tape. The Boy Scouts would have been proud. We also did a high and low ropes' course. Everyone successfully climbed to the top tower in one fashion or another and then took the zip line down for a little fun. We went boating, jet skiing, had a great time on huge inflatables in a little bay of the lake, and spent some time swimming in a pool and the lake. We had sessions every night, quiet times every morning, competitions, and late night adventures. surge 2006 was awesome!

Ashley, Pierce, Anthony, Brian and Dustin . . . 5 amazing junior high students.

A special thanks to Valley Church for hosting and doing so much work. Also, it was a delight to worship with Westchester and Johnston E-Free churches.

God is great, God is good.

I need to get to my sermon prep for the week. My senior pastor is on a vacation with his son (kayaking in Canada). He left me some work to do. Pray that I can get all this done, keep remodeling the kitchen with my dear wife, and work a bit on my new seminary class.

Did I mention that students are awesome!!

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