Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Brave New World

I salute those brave men and women who risk it all to plant a new church. Today, Carrie and I drove to Denison, Iowa, to preach to a young church plant whose new pastor was out of town. This young body of 30 worshipped with great enthusiasm, welcomed us and one another with love, and seemed excited to be lights in their community.

I ate dinner with 3 members after the service. All 3 expressed a desire to be a church that pursues God and serves their neighbors. One gentleman stopped and gave a ride to a lady caring loads of groceries right after the service, being a few minutes late to our meal. A simple gesture, but the type of grace that the Christian Church has been called to offer.

Pray for this church and the many others that are trying to worship God and be a blessing to their communities. If you are interested in church planting ideas check out Church Planting Village

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