Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eschatology and life

Eschatology is simply the study of the "last" or "end times." To many people, end times are insignificant. They think Christians spend way too much focusing on the future and too little focusing on the present. Today we have poverty and strife. Let's focus on that and worry about heaven another day. Others think eschatology is of supreme importance. They spend hours, days, weeks studying the end time passages and trying to understand God's intent for the final days.

I am probably in the middle. I find the end times to be very significant. How God chooses to interract with his creation and his people during the final days of this present age should be known and understood by Christians. If we as Christians, however, fail to serve the people in our lives today, we fail to serve Christ for He has called us to live this kind of life (Matthew 25:34-40). We need to live boldy since Christ has already come and been victorious over sin and death. This entails obedience to God, love and service to humanity, a commitment to making the saving message of the gospel known, and thus an overral orientation to living for the glory of God.

One specific academic who has tried to reconcile a biblical eschatology and a realized (or life focused on the end in mind) eschatology is George Eldon Ladd. I read a great article by him today on Historic Premillenialism that I recommend to those with a theological mind or are interested in hearing a different (dare I say more biblical) end times view than Tim LaHaye's Dispensationalism or the amillenialism of Covenant theology. Here's the link to the article:

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