Thursday, September 28, 2006

theological apologies

Over the years I have gained a passion for theology and Christian thought.

I want to apologize that I failed to live up to this blog's name of "Matt's Meandering Thoughts." I have failed to do meandering and instead have turned this into a photo gallery of ministry events. Since many of my thoughts on life are in regards to this ministry, those pictures are valuable and do represent much of my meandering thoughts. BUT, they do not reveal all that goes on in my simple brain. I am constantly wrestling over doctrine, theology and Christian practice.

I will try in upcoming weeks to be more faithful to discussing that side of Matt's meanderings on a much more regular basis. To some you'll appreciate it. To others you'd prefer I just post pictures and shut up about my attempts to understand God, Christianity, etc. I appreciate your grace, comments, and continued friendship.

All to Him,
the meanderer, matt

p.s. At present I am reading Showers book "There Really is a Difference" discussing the fundamental differences between Covenant and Dispensational theology. It is facinating. I will provide commentary when I finish the book. FYI, I'm somewhere in between :)

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Dan said...

I can't wait.