Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This week's adventures

In 2 days our high school students take off for a 24 hour retreat at Camp Hantesa just outside of Boone, Iowa. This retreat, called "Adoration 2006," will focus on what true worship is. A life style of Christ-centered adoration, selflessness, and a healthy preoccupation with God's glory, not our own. Pray for the adults who will be serving the students: Scott, Gary, Carol, Carrie, Dave, and Matt. Also pray for our worship leader and speaker Tim Olson.

Then on Sunday, Carrie and I travel to Denison, Iowa, where I will be preaching on Genesis 1:26ff in a church plant a friend has been serving as pastor for a few months.

Also, this morning at 6:30AM a good friend left here after staying for 1.5 days. It was good to have Dan around. He's a man who desires to serve Christ's kingdom, and I am always encouraged to hear about his life and heart.

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