Monday, October 02, 2006

Just look at those good looking students


This past Saturday night our church had the kickoff for our fall spiritual life campaign.

This year's campaign is an 8 week tour of the Evangelical Free Church of America's Statement of Faith. We will look at doctrine and practical living in response to the truths we are learning. It's an exciting campaign.

We are writing our own curriculum. We have a great team of adults and students who will help with various activities. The kickoff was a great event with the whole church participating to make it a special night. Thanks to all the people who help bring food, set up tables, lead us in worship, organize games, and overrall provide a great night for oru church body.

I love it when the Body of Christ serves and blesses one another. It's the way church was meant to be.


Jack said...

Zooks! But what about...the Millenium??

Anonymous said...


I'd love for you to explain your comment.

The Millenium is coming at the Second Coming of christ, praise the Lord!

Come Lord Jesus, come.

blog owner

Jack said...

Oh, I'm making a bad joke, because of the current debate in the EFCA about whether we should keep the Millennium in our doctrinal statement. Sorry, I wasn't clear!

Tim Reineke said...

3 family members in that first picture... :-D

I don't suppose you got any pictures of the lego creations in the contest?