Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mark Driscoll and Dear Abby

This is a great read!!

How do you think we should dress when we attend a Sunday morning church service?


Michael E. said...

What to wear to church? A few criterion come to mind:

- Modest. Girls, leave the halter top in the store.

- Not ostentatious.

- Appropriate for the culture/environment.

I usually wear either jeans & a polo shirt or long-sleeve shirt of some kind, or kahkis and a polo or button-down. Occasionally a tie, mostly because my wife likes ties. However, in my grandparents' church (an older rural church), I probably wouldn't wear anything under kahki & button-down. So whatever works :-).

Shane Vander Hart said...

I read the Driscoll blog too, and the first thought that came to me was hmmm.... probably shouldn't go to church naked, because that would not only be immodest, but illegal.

Even with a modesty caveat you need to be careful, because my definition and yours may be different. Not that I think girls should be wearing halter tops on any occassion - I guess that is my point. There is nothing special about the building.

When I was a youth pastor there was a guy who would knock the hat off my head when I walked into a Sunday service with it on. Forget that I just came back from a retreat, and I didn't do my hair that day and had horrible hat hair.

Also I had a problem with Trinity's no hat policy in chapel. Really I despise anything that smacks of legalism. Representing a ministry I dress to the norm of the church I'm visiting, but that is not to be a stumbling block for them - not that I think there is a biblical guideline for it.

Somebody once told me you should dress your best - well what's that? For some people it is jeans - that is what they need for work and can't afford anything else. Does it mean a suit? What about when you visit a different country - like Uganda? I'm sure the norm is there. See what happens when we spiritualize a human standard. How Christ must weep when people are marginalized because of what they wear. People need to take a good hard look at James 2 again.

Noah Braymen said...

I just have to pipe up.

Worship service on Sunday morning is directed toward one audience member! God. So I say wear clothes that help you to focus on the Lord. If you want to dress up to look your best, do it for the Lord. If you need to dress up to set your mind in a different mindset in order to be in reverance before the Lord, I say do it.

Call it legalism, but I think sometimes it's our anti-authoritarian attitude. Submission to authority is hard for us, and sometimes if we don't like it we call it legalism. In regard to the "no hat" policy at worship or chapel at might call that legalism, but it also might be a rule that serves a greater purpose...did you ever ask?

How do you think the Corinthians reacted when Paul told the ladies to cover their head? I'm not sure, maybe they were okay with that. I have to not drink alcohol as part of my student status at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I could look at it as legalism [and trust me, there are a lot of folks that are legalistic about drinking in the SBC], but I see it more as a safeguard to teach how dangerous something like alcohol can be...and I gave it up for God...also it helps to not stumble brothers and sisters who have had a problem with it [alcohol is a lot different than a dress code...but legalism is legalism].

Legalism is something that exalts the self over God. If dressing up for church gives you glory over that of God then by all means, don't dress up. Also, by dressing up you might stumble a brother who doesn't realize worship isn't about physical appearances...rather the heart. But if it helps the heart to dress up, by all means dress up. I agree w/ Paul [Ro 14:23] that anything not done in faith is sin. So dress faith. Or dress faith. And if there are rules for no caps...don't wear faith:) And respectfully submit to the elders who have been given authority over you. If you disagree with their counsel approach them. Follow the rules of engagement of Matt 18…

Interesting stuff to think about.

In Christ