Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Solid Training from Kara Powell

Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting under 2 different trainings by Fuller Seminary professor Kara Powell. In the morning I travelled with my wife to a Serve Our Youth (SOY) ministry training event. My wife is an employee of SOY. Kara utilized the deep design method to help SOY evaluate their current situation and ideas for improvement. I encourage you to check out this an article off the Youth Specialties website that has info on the deep design method: click here

Then on Monday evening I took 5 of First E-Free of Boone's all-start youth leader team members to West Des Moines for a different training from Kara Powell. We learned a lot about doing ministry more holistically and addressing the real needs that kids need. We want to build assets into the lives of the youth we serve to bless them and send them into the world on a good-footing. Kara and the team at Fuller Theological Seminary and the Center for Youth and Family Ministry (C.Y.F.M.) have teamed up and done some facinating research in regards to the 40 Development Assests. There's an article on the CFYM website that I think gives a good summary of some of their work http://www.cyfm.net/article.php?article=The_Big_4_0_Learning.html

Kara did a great job in both settings and I even got a free book out of the deal. You can read the first chapter of her new book "Deep Ministry in a Shallow World" if you click this last link:

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