Friday, December 29, 2006

Advanced Reader's Copy

My sermon for this coming Sunday . . . as of now.

Enjoy :)

It's called, "Being the New Self in 2007"

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chaos on Wheels - Jr. High Event

Download flier here:

Chaos on Wheels – Bike Stunt Show with games, prizes and live band

Saturday January 6, 2007—1:45-6:30PM

Leave First E-Free Church Parking Lot—1:45PM

Live Performance and activities—3:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Polk County Convention Complex

$7 covers your car ride and admittance into the show. You can write $7 checks to First Evangelical Free Church. You must fill out a permission form to attend. Download a form at the web address provided below.

Bring an additional $5-10 to cover your meal after the performance.

For more info check out these websites . . .

(permission form)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Peter Scazzero Quote -

"Why is it that most people in our churches seems to be radically different on one level from their neighbors--they pray, read the Bible, go to church, give money to the church--but on another deeper level, they are very similar?" - Peter Scazzero

I will try and address this issue when I preach on December 31, 2006 at First E-Free at 11AM.

Monday, December 11, 2006

the going ons

Life in Boone, Iowa, continues to be a maturing adventure.

In recent weeks, my wife and I have been trying to make some big-time decisions. Every time we begin to talk about important issues, I hear a little voice saying, "RUN!" By God's grace, I have tried to jump into these discussions with focus. Why is it that men often run from critical moments? I think it goes back to the Garden of Eden when Adam let his poor wife get deceived by the serpent while he stood beside her mute and impotent. I don't want to be like Adam. I want to be a man who speaks, leads my wife graciously, and longs for the best, no matter the pain that often goes with choosing what's best over what may just be good. Though I fail regularly, I am learning to "man-up" during these discussions.

Also, in recent weeks our church has been going through some critical times. We are seeking the Lord for our future. We are trying to make godly decisions. We are trying to listen to the voice of God. Our church is over 100 years old, has 250 attendees and over 100 members who all have differing ideas on where God is leading us. Pray for our leaders. We need wisdom.

Recent Life Highlights: (1) I joined a basketball league that plays Sunday nights. Men in their twenties up to men in their sixties hoop it up with intensity. My body hurts this morning :) (2) I started a Bible study with a good friend. We are doing a little Bible survey to try and find the overall picture of God's story in the Old and New Testament. (3) My wife and I are almost done with Christmas shopping. We did some shopping last Thursday and then celebrated our love for each other by doing something we do very well . . . we ate delicious Italian food at the Olive Garden. I love food. (4) My pal Andy got married on Saturday and I got to see some of my ol' school buddies. (5) Also, I am really enjoying this year's Christmas season. Starting last Sunday our music director has hit the Christmas hymns hard, and I love it. What an amazing season to remember our Baby King Jesus. (6) Oh, and I finished my ordination paper. It ended up being over 4o pages full of all my ideas on God, salvation and the glorious return of Jesus Christ. Sometime in March or April I will stand before an ordination council for 5-6 hours defending my beliefs. I'm excited . . . it's a joy to minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Monday, December 04, 2006

40 more years of wandering

In the book of Numbers, God sends 12 spies into the promised land to have them investigate all the rivers, towns, and vegetation the Lord has already promised to give His people, the Hebrews. Upon returning only 2 out of the 12 have the courage to go in and receive the abundance the Lord has promised. The other 10 express fear. The 10 saw giants, armies, and other obstacles that caused great fear. They doubted the promises of God and they ignored His word. Unfortunately the Hebrew people listened to the 10 spies and failed to trust the courageous few. The result was devastating. For the next 40 years, the people of God were unable to go in and experience the promised abundance the Lord had in mind.

This occurs all too often in the life of individual Christians and local churches. Instead of following what God's word has laid out for our lives, we get scared. We see obstacles and hear nay saying opinions instead of following the Lord. In the end we get punished. It's not that God smites us with a lightening bolt, but instead the due course of our actions and decisions get played out in our lives. When we fail to follow God's Word and leading, choosing fear over love and trust, we will suffer the consequences.

My life has experienced these consequences and I've witnessed churches experience years of wandering because they failed to follow the Lord, choosing instead to listen to the scared voices of the faithless.

May we learn a lesson from our pasts and the Scriptures this morning.