Thursday, January 18, 2007

More B.B. Warfield

"If there is no fire in the pulpit it falls to you to kindle it in the pews." BB Warfield, 1911

I agree preaching must come with fire, and here are a few suggestions on where the fire can be kindled:

1. Letting the Word of God burn in the heart of the preacher before bringing it to the people.
2. Praying for oneself and the listeners, that the Spirit of God would use the living Word to cut to the heart.
3. Authenticity before God and man.
4. Humility - don't think we can add anything to the Word, just preach the text!
5. But the context of this quote is referring to theological people who complain about the preaching they hear or those who neglect corporate worship. Those people who think the pulpit lacks luster or depth should prayerfully enter the sanctuary preparing their hearts for God's power. Often times, the preacher is not at fault in bringing forth God's Word, but the people do not come expecting the Lord to speak.

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