Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quote of the Day - Diane Passno

"The feminists pulled a dirty trick when they convinced our culture that becoming a professional working woman was more satisfying than being a mom." Diane Passno in Feminism: Mystique or Mistake

*I think the key word in this quote is "culture." There is nothing wrong with a woman glorifying God through honest work, but there is something seriously wrong when much of Western culture shuns a woman who chooses to raise her family and love her kids at the cost of a career. Right after this quote, Passno immediately follows saying, "It went hand in hand with the philosophy that babies were only 'unwanted human tissue,' because if the value of child-bearing was denigrated, then being a wife and mom whose primary role was that of a homemaker was also devalued. Babies became an impediment to career goals."

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Todd said...

Good quote Matt. Are you reading the whole thing? Let us know how it turns out.